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Troubleshooting Kronos Badge Formats

Standard Badge Format vs Standard and Generic Format
Paul S
Updated 3 years ago

Standard Badge Format vs Standard and Generic Format

Occasionally, we encounter a customer whose time clock doesn’t read our barcode cards correctly upon first swipe.
This usually happens when the clock was installed to read Kronos’ standard badge format.

To resolve, simply change the clock settings in your Kronos clock to allow “Standard and Generic” formats.
After making this change our inbadge cards will work without error.

Please note: There is no “Standard” barcode for any application.  In this situation Kronos refers to standard to  means Interleaved 2of5 format. There are pros and cons of each barcode format, but we prefer to use Code39 as there are fewer chances of scanning errors when employees swipe their badge.

Find out more about our Kronos barcode cards here: https://inbadge.com/product/kronos-barcode-cards/


Setting your clock to allow 'Standard and Generic' badge formats.

  1.  Navigate to the Kronos Super Navigator Setup Screen
    The screens we will be working with are in the Device Manager Setup section.

  2. Navigate to the 'Generic Badge Formats 'screen:
    Enter in a name such as 'inbadge' or 'barcode cards'
    Check the box to 'Allow any length generic badge'

  3. Navigate to the 'General Device Settings' screen:
    Select Badge Type: 'Standard and generic'
    In the Generic Badge Format drop-down, select the name created in step 2 above.

That's it!

As a reminder, Badge IDs can be assigned to employees on the People Editor screen.
Job Assignment tab
Timekeeper Section > Badge Number

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