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Are We Able to Test a Badge Prior to Purchase?

Absolutely! 100% Free with no credit card needed
Paul S
Updated 3 years ago

Absolutely!  Our number one goal is to provide outstanding time card badges to our clients.
Our cards can't be outstanding if they don't work with your software.

To help ensure that our cards work well for your needs, we are willing to send you a Free Test Badge at absolutely no cost.
This includes free shipping!

If for any reason, please let us know if your test card does not work with your software.
We are truly dedicated to making sure our cards work 100% of the time and will work with you to create a working card.

Quick Instructions:

  1. Visit our shop page and add [1] card to your cart.  https://inbadge.com/shop
  2. Enter coupon code 'FreeTestBadge' and Proceed to Checkout
  3. Enter your shipping address and Place Order.
  4. Your cards will be shipped within 2 business days.

Full Instructions with Screenshots:


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