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inbadge Swipe Cards VS Custom Printed Time Cards

Differences, Options, and Timelines
Paul S
Updated 4 years ago

One of our more commonly received questions is "What is the difference between inbadge branded time cards and custom printed time cards?"

inbadge branded Swipe Cards

These are time cards that we have produced in bulk to work with some of the leading time clock providers.
Due to our extensive inventory, we are able to accommodate small to very large orders within one day.
These cards are most easily identified by having the inbadge logo on front.

A full list of our time cards currently available for purchase can be found on our shop page:  https://inbadge.com/shop

Custom Printed Time Cards

Custom printed time cards are printed specifically to the needs of one client.
With this option, you are able to design swipe cards to look exactly as you'd like.

  • Your own logo
  • Custom text on front or back
  • Site link to your time clock software or website
  • Clock in/out instructions
  • Custom encoding (magnetic stripe, barcode, proximity) to match your exact time clock needs.

Due to design and production requirements, there are minimum order requirements and production timeline.

More information can be found here: https://inbadge.com/custom-cards/

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