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Magnetic Stripe or Barcode?

Do I have a magnetic stripe card or a barcode card?
Paul S
Updated 2 years ago
You may notice your ADP or Kronos magnetic stripe card has a much larger black surface area than a regular credit card.
The black strip on the back of a normal credit card is known as a magnetic strip and has encoded information on up to three possible tracks.

However, it is important to note that Kronos and ADP do not have this magnetic strip.
Instead, if you hold your card up to a bright light, you will notice dark vertical lines. (see image below)

This means the card you are holding is a barcode card with a thin black tape covering.

Here at inbadge, we have removed the tape and the confusion. Our badges will work perfectly well with your wall mounted clocks. No special changes or tape required.

Please see our shop links below if you are interested in ordering our cards.
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Kronos Barcode Cards

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